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Sdagrapp Clothing Ad Symon Made 2 Lead Symon Dagrapp, CEO and owner of multiple companies, including Spitt It Clear Records, Thablackyoutube, and TeflonTvVideos has become a trendsetter in the music industry as well as a positive influence on the youth of inner-city Houston, Texas. He helps others to realize their positive visions beyond the poverty and violence stricken areas of Southeast Houston.
Spacer From humble beginnings, Symon grew up “raised by the streets.” Seen as one of the kids that would never make anything of himself. After a brief stint behind bars, Symon refocused his life onto a positive path. In early 1998 he joined with Big Chief, of Rap-A-Lot Records, and started his musical quest.
Spacer Towards the end of 1998, Symon Dagrapp parted ways with Rap-A-Lot to pursue his own goals. By the end of 1998, he had release his first solo underground album. Following his first release, Symon Dagrapp started the journey to becoming a CEO and owning his own business. He began making industry contacts and gaining business savvy. Nearly 2 years later, with extensive knowledge, Symon began his own record label Spitt It Clear Records.
Spacer Spitt It Clear Records began by releasing underground mix tapes and cds. Since it’s first release in 1998, Spitt It Clear Records has sold over 50,000 units worldwide, given out over 1.2 million promotional cds and over 3.6 million free MP3 downloads.
Spacer In early 2007 Symon Dagrapp successfully branched into the world of visual media with teflontvvideos.com. With over 15 million visitors, TeflonTvVideos offers guests a no-holds-bars video site featuring comedy, music, short films, and so much more. Users are able to upload media to the site with out restrictions and limitations.
Spacer Upon the success of TeflonTvVideos.com, Symon Dagrapp began the design of his most recent endeavors, ThaBlackYouTube.com and SDagrappClothing.com. ThaBlackYouTube.com has provided millions of guests with high quality visual entertainment, games and chat. SDagrappClothing.com incorporates the best of hip-hop clothing and chic styling to make affordable clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.
Spacer Symon Dagrapp has been an example of over-coming obstacles and positive development though diversity. He has shown the ability of anyone to rise up and conquer seemingly unattainable goals while not wavering from his standards and personal beliefs.